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What & When Is Black Friday 2016

Big Deals on Black Friday Are a Big Deal

Published: October 5, 2016, 4:31 pm

If you love a good bargain but don’t know much about Black Friday, you are in for a treat.

Black Friday occurs each year the day after Thanksgiving – Friday, November 25th in 2016 – and it marks a day when many of the largest retailers offer amazing prices to shoppers to kick off the holiday season.

Consumers can find great Black Friday deals in both brick and mortar stores and from online retailers, giving them a chance to make big purchases they couldn’t make any other time of the year.

When Can You Find Black Friday Deals?

Many retailers who participate in Black Friday release information about upcoming deals earlier in the month to give shoppers a chance to plan.

The actual sales times depend on the store, with some starting their Black Friday deals earlier in the week of Thanksgiving.

Other retailers start their Black Friday prices on Thanksgiving, allowing consumers to enjoy a great meal with their families and then head out to start their holiday shopping.

Black Friday also means extended hours for many retailers, with some opening much earlier and staying open late so everyone has a chance to get in on the bargains.

Black Friday sales may extend in some stores for the entire weekend, in either their brick and mortar stores, online, or both.

Which Retailers Participate in Black Friday?

While some smaller retailers have Black Friday sales, the event is known for the participation of larger retailers that offer significant bargains to their shoppers.

  • Walmart offers extensive Black Friday deals, and give shoppers a glimpse of upcoming sales during the second week of November.
  • Target offers great deals on products such as electronics that enable people to upgrade without paying high prices.
  • Kohl’s starts their Black Friday events as early as Monday the week of Thanksgiving, giving shoppers even more days of bargains.
  • Sears offers Black Friday deals on products such as tools and jewelry that aren’t reduced at other stores.
  • Amazon primarily participates in Cyber Monday, which encourages people to shop online the Monday after Thanksgiving. Amazon merchants are making a bigger push to be players on Black Friday as well.

Medium and smaller retailers also participate in Black Friday sales, so be sure to look for their flyers or check online to find great deals.

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