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What are the Holiday Shopping Trends for 2017?

holiday shopping trends 2017

We already know that the predictions for holiday shopping are up this year. In fact, we saw a modest rise last year, as well. However, certain holiday shopping trends are making their way to the forefront. These trends are important for retailers, advertisers, and shoppers. What shopping trends are we seeing this year?

Mobile shopping

Just over three-quarters of Americans own a smartphone and nine out of ten people are online. The number of people connected to online devices is clearly increasing. How does this impact shopping trends? People are more connected to their smartphones than ever before. This means with a few clicks or swipes, they can access shopping at their fingertips.

Last year Facebook did a study and discovered the number of individuals who did most of their holiday shopping via their smartphone was rising. The increase was approximately 30 %. As a result, more retailers and advertisers will be catering to that population by providing more online options and discounts for holiday shopping.

Shopping sectors

By looking at the data from last year, we can get a good idea where Americans may spend their holiday dollars this year. Last year the National Retail Federation (NRF) collected information about where people make their purchases. Excluding food and beverage purchases, the sector with the highest anticipated purchases is electronic shopping and mail-order houses.

Last year the holiday sales from that sector were $110,270. This is more than warehouses and superstores, which was $86,575. Third place in spending goes to building materials, garden equipment, and supplies dealers.

Gift guide videos

YouTube found popularity with its video version of gift guides. Research shows that a vast majority of shoppers don’t have an idea what they want to buy when they arrive in a store. In days past, people would get a catalog in the mail and browse through it.

However, these days require new approaches. The creative video gift guides allow shoppers to browse ideas in the convenience of their home.

Reviews drive purchases

The vast number of products that consumers have to choose from can be overwhelming. For example, when shopping for gloves online you will find thousands of choices.

This is one reason people turn to online reviews to help them narrow it down. According to the data, reading reviews was one of the top three actions that consumers took during holiday shopping.

The importance of free shipping

With all the online shopping, it’s not surprising that shoppers look for and want free shipping. In fact, shoppers were more inclined to use free shipping promotions than they were discounts and coupons.

As the shopping season begins, these trends will play a part in how retailers and advertisers promote their merchandise. Consumers can expect to find competitive deals this year online and in store.