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Walmart’s New, Faster Return Process

Published: October 13, 2017, 10:26 pm
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The team at Walmart understands that life in today’s modern world is busy. With this in mind, they are working to streamline the shopping process and make returns of items as friction free as possible.

Currently, they offer free two-day shipping, mobile express money services and online grocery pickup to make shopping for everyday items as easy as possible. Their current effort is to make customer returns as easy and stress-free as possible. Walmart’s new program, Mobile Express Returns, addresses the hassle of dealing with returns.

Customers are able to initiate the returns process through the Walmart app while they are still at home or work. Customers are able to start the return transaction, then, when they visit the store, they will skip the long lines by using the Mobile Express Lane. An employee will scan the return QR code and accept the item. Customers can anticipate a refund often within 24 hours.

Senior Vice President for Walmart Services and Digital Acceleration, Daniel Eckert, said,

“We know that returning an item and waiting for a refund, especially for a product purchased online, isn’t always seamless, so we’ve completely transformed the process for our customers…By leveraging our physical stores and the Walmart app, we’re changing the returns game in ways that only Walmart can do.”

Customers can start seeing these new app features in early November for products shipped through Walmart.com. The newly revamped in-store return process will roll out in early 2018. In addition, the company will offer the return of a select number of items through the app which will not involve a visit to the store. These items will include products such as shampoos, hair colors and some cosmetics.

Every effort is being made by staff to make the shopping experience more enjoyable and hassle free. In the United States, ninety percent of people live within ten miles of a Walmart store. These new innovations provide a more integrated shopping experience for all of Walmart’s customers.


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