Trendy Products That Sell On Cyber Monday

Trendy Products That Sell On Cyber Monday

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Shape-wear is a growing category in the last few years. It is garment worn under the clothing the makes the body look firmer and thinner. It is a popular with women that have just had a baby, young, middle aged, overweight, or seniors that want to make their bodies look better. Retailers that want to sell in the category can capitalize on the trends and the growth in this category.

Shape-wear can be briefs, panties, girdles, bras control leggings, and more. It can be marketed to the most women and growing market of fitness buffs and athletes. The sha wear market is expected to grow and produce $5556 billion dollars in sales by 2022. This skin tight apparel increases blood circulation and control muscles in the body.

The rise in the popularity and sales of this segment is due to many factors. There is a increase in older women that wear these types of garments, more women are working out and participating in athletics, and the increase in disposable income. Some of the top brands in shape-wear sell well on Cyber Monday in November. The ease of using social media and online shopping helps to make promoting this category easy. Retailers can market to social media sites that target young mothers or women in different age groups.

Electronics are another popular product with men and women on Cyber Monday. Every year on Cyber Monday these items sell well. With mobile phones being used more than ever before and tablets these products don’t need much advertising. In 2017 the demand for smart product like watches, microwaves, head phones, activity tracers, smart scales, and due to the active lifestyle of consumers make sales a snap. Consumer also want products that use less energy to save money.

Most major retailers have special deals on electronics on Cyber Monday that most shoppers look for. Electronic medical devices are another growing category in electronics that allow customers to take weight, temperature and blood pressure at home. Thermometers, blood pressure kits, and scales will be an item consumer will look for. Electronic is one of the most popular categories or Cyber Monday.

Health and Wellness has become a trillion dollar industry. Featuring heath and wellness products on Cyber Monday makes sense. This category outperformed the food and drink category this year. Four key factors that promote growth are health, convenience, packaging and affordable prices. Products that address simple health problems like teeth whitening, anti snoring, weight loss products, pain control sell well. Food products often are combined in this category. Many consumer will buy these products online and promoting them on Cyber Monday means increased sales.

Men and women’s clothing is popular all year round. During the holidays many people clothing as gifts. On Cyber Monday clothing sells well because many shopper are getting mid range gifts for relative and friends. Online clothing sales has gained in popularity with websites like Fabletics that sell online and have some physical too.

Online sales of clothing is easy with social media and sites like Pinterest and Facebook. Sites like Amazon, Katie Spade, Old Navy, and regular retailers that offer online shopping make selling on Cyber Monday a snap. Customers can order during or after work that day using mobile phones and tablets.

Cosmetics or Beauty products for men and women continues to grow and change. Now there are more products for men on the market than ever before. Today they use haircare products, skin, makeup, and shaving products. The use of eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients is another important trend to look at.

Women and men like to know the ingredients used in the product are safe. Today online sites and shopping have increased the use of these products and social media. Most brick and mortar have beauty products and online shopping thus the ability to capitalize on sales for Cyber Monday.

Kitchenware products are useful and popular with both men and women. Many use the kitchen as the central hub of the home. Most retailers offer a discount on kitchenware on Cyber Monday. It is a popular gift for the holidays to give to family and friends.

Consumers will find discounts on coffeemakers, C cups, cutlery, small appliances, drills, and more. About 1/3 of the deals will be sales on these products. Amazon and Walmart will feature many kitchen products. Many will come with free shipping and delivery.




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