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Top Stores for Black Friday Shopping 2017

Published: October 12, 2017, 10:20 pm
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The countdown is on until the biggest shopping day of the season. Black Friday arrives thirty-two days before Christmas this year giving shoppers an extra day to get their holiday items in order. What can shoppers expect this year for Black Friday? What stores will be promoting the best deals of the season? We break it all down for you using our analysis of last year’s sales and trends.

Black Friday 2017 will fall on November 24th, 2017. Make sure to check out your favorite retailers’ Black Friday Ads for various sales & doorbuster time frames.

Typically, stores will follow similar patterns as the previous year, so we can accurately predict what’s ahead for this year. First, we give you our list of the top five stores that gave the greatest overall discounts last year. Then we tell you the pick for the top five stores that had the hottest items for the best price. So, it’s up to you to decide which fits your desires.

Here is a list of the top five brick and mortar stores with the deepest overall discounts from last year.

  • Macy’s: Macy’s gave consumers an average of 63.4 % savings on purchases.
  • Stage: Stage offered an average of 62.8 % savings to consumers.
  • JCPenneyJCPenney gave consumers 62.8 % savings on average to consumers.
  • Harbor Freight: Harbor Freight passed on 62.6 % savings on purchases to consumers.
  • GordmansGordmans gave consumers a savings of 61.6 %.

This savings represents the overall average for all purchases. However, if you isolate just one category, the stores change. For example, if we just look at computer and phone sales, we get something different:

  • Kmart gave consumers 54.9 % savings on computers and phones.
  • JCPenney gave a 49 % savings on computers and phones.
  • Office Dept and Office Max passed on a 41.32 % savings to customers on computers and phones.
  • Wal-Mart delivered a savings of 37.19 % on computers and phones.
  • Meijer gave a 37.03 % savings on computers and phones.

Still yet, some consumers prefer to look at the ticket item and price to determine if the store is a winner for them when it comes to Black Friday shopping. It all depends on what a customer is looking to buy. Competitive prices on certain items make the store more popular with consumers.

Ask your retailer if they will be price matching during Black Friday 2017. If so, make sure to carefully read their Black Friday Price Matching Policy. 


For example, Amazon offered the Kindle Fire HD last year for $109 making it a top seller. Coming in a close second, Amazon gave customers the Acer Chromebook for $164, and its third most popular item was the Google Chromecast for just $22.99.

Walmart was another contender for top hot selling items. They offered the Apple iPad Mini at the low price of $199 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Prepaid Smartphone for only $149.99.

Now, here are the overall top stores for Black Friday 2017:

  • Amazon: Amazon always offers amazing deals year round and during the holidays stayed tuned for their famous Lightening Deals.
  • Best Buy: This is another winning store with a great selection of all your electronic gadgets. Last year they offered the iPad Air 2 for only $275, which is a real steal.
  • Kohl’s: Kohl’s is in the top 5 list for its unique way of offering consumers a deal. They discount their products a little bit, but also give customers a gift card when they purchase items. So, if you like Kohl’s and enjoy a free gift card instead of the deeper discounts, then this is the place to shop on Black Friday.
  • EbayEbay is known for its variety of items and if you’re looking for cell phones, you can find quite a variety. Some things on Ebay are new and others will be refurbished. Read the posting carefully. You can find an older model of a phone for as low as $100 and a 13” iPad Pro went for $450 last year.
  • Target: Target is the place to find discounts on just about everything. From electronics to holiday decorations, the markdowns are plentiful. They’ll even throw in free shipping with most online orders. Last year, Target gave out coupons for early Cyber Monday as well.

As shoppers prepare for the Black Friday weekend of shopping, it’s helpful to know what stores will likely offer discounts and what products you can expect to see marked down.


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