Tech, Toys, and Trends

Tech, Toys, and Trends

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The gift-giving season has arrived! This year’s savvy shopper won’t simply look for the “latest thing”. They are also concerned about product cost and quality. The buzz word for this shopping season is REALLY. Before you head to the store or sit in front of your computer, run the REALLY test:

Reasonable – (Is it reasonable) Do you really want to get a drone for a 2-year old or is it really for you? Can grandma make a call with that iPhone or will she use any other feature?

Expense – (What’s the expense) Focus on quality over actual cost. For example, both Timex and Rolex are quality products. When you start with that mindset, the budget is your only concern.

Available – (Is it available) Everyone remembers the Elmo craze! For the most important gifts, early purchase can save money and reputation.

Love – (Will they love it) After the overflowing gifts are all opened, only the ones that they love will be used. Better to invest in one “loved it” than 10 “liked it’s” that will sit around the house (or in the attic).

Last – (Will it last) Important for children, the young at heart, and fashion are gifts that will stand the time test. To measure this think “where are the gifts that I bought last year”?

You – (Would you want to receive it) Make sure you would honestly want that item ‘if you were them’. If you like it but it’s honestly not their style, hold off. Pick something for that person and treat yourself to that gift. You deserve it.


Tech, Toys, and Trends that pass the REALLY Test


Google Mini and Amazon Echo Dot – Seniors, techies, professionals, and other hands-free device users

These in-home assistants are voice controlled smart speakers able to make calls, turn on music, look up information, and more. Some operate external devices. Both can be purchased online and at retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Staples.

Lenovo – Star Wars: Jed Challenges AR Headset – Adult Star Wars fans and children 8+ with supervision

Both tech and toy, the Star Wars fans will love it. This virtual reality headset is intended to be used with a smartphone and comes with a lightsaber controller and Jedi beacon for virtual Jedi duels. Starting November 3rd it will be available at Best Buy.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote – All Ages and entertainment lovers

This is a gift that will last. You say it, Fire Stick will play it in a trend to save money on in-home entertainment. It can access live and streaming TV, as well as many music platforms. Fire Stick is available at and at retailers such as Target, Staples, and Best Buy.


Teddy Ruxpin – Children ages 2 and older

It is the year of the comeback for favorites that are sure to pass the REALLY Test. The original storytelling bear, Teddy Ruxpin, made a comeback from the 80’s in September. The LCD eyes and smart sensors are just a few of the new features that will surely help Teddy adapt to 2017. The features are expandable and the price is reasonable for the technology. Teddy is available at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, online at and other local retailers.

Tamagotchi – Children and Teens

The 90’s flashback of the year is the best electronic pet trend ever, Tamagotchi. But this one may be the Elmo of the year. Tamagotchi is celebrating 2 years with a release date of November 5, 2017. Preorders are available on

Drones – Adults and Children

Drones are fun and functional. Designs range from ones that are simply for flying (usually for kids) to photo capable devices. Price and feature comparison is vital. It is highly recommended that buyers use reputable retailers and online only to warranty risks.

TRENDS: Family

The good news in fashion this year is fun, comfort, and color. A Vogue article on 2017 trends stated that cozy knits and similar fashions will be the standouts this year. Check out Macy’s or JCPenny’s to find office to evening wear that work for men and women.




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