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Score Big on Cyber Monday 2017 with these Tips

score big for cyber monday 2017

Since Cyber Monday was first introduced to the world in 2005, it has turned into a large-scale international event that gives shoppers a chance to cash in on some of the best deals in retail.

Every year, this event happens the Monday following Black Friday, and it is known for being one of the best times to shop for clothing, hdtvs, laptops, home goods and toys. As you prep for this day, use these tips to make sure you score big when those sales hit your favorite store’s websites.

Start Comparing Prices Now

Savvy shoppers know that the early bird truly does get the worm. Begin your shopping in advance by scoping out the currently advertised deals.

Scan the news along with online retailer websites to find out what the best prices are on the products you expect to buy. You can also use online price comparison tools to make sure that you get the best deal before you click that purchase button.

Stay In the Loop

In past years, many retailers surprised shoppers by starting sales early. Make sure to sign up for email lists, and start checking the websites and social media feeds of your favorite stores on Sunday. This way, you’ll be in position to shop when the first sales of the day drop.

You can also score big by understanding how these types of social media work best for Cyber Monday shopping.

  • Twitter: Add retailers to your list to get fast access to announcements of time-limited offers.
  • Facebook: Use this to find offers that are targeted to your current interests and shopping habits.
  • Instagram: This one is perfect for checking out products that piqued your interest with great deals.

Ask for What You Want

Retailers are often ready to sweeten the deal to capitalize on Cyber Monday sales. If you prefer to buy through a certain company but find a better deal elsewhere consider reaching out to a customer service representative.

Often, they will give you a special discount code or offer a perk such as an upgraded feature that makes the deal even better.

Watch for Free Shipping

Shipping costs quickly add up, and you can find yourself wasting the money you save if you must pay extra just to get the purchases to your house.

Give preference to the companies that offer free shipping, and look for those that also provide fee-free returns just in case you change your mind.

Search for Promo Codes

Never click the buy button until you have done a thorough search for promo and coupon codes that can lower the price even further.

Today, you can find several coupon websites that are dedicated to providing these codes, and you can also find them in emails from your membership accounts.

Use Your Reward Credit Cards

Getting money back on an already scorching hot deal is like getting two gifts in one. If you already have reward credit cards, then make sure that you know the current offers regarding purchases. If not, search for the one that fits your needs, and sign up before Cyber Monday hits.

Since most offer anywhere from 1% to 5% cash back on purchases, this quickly adds up when you are expecting to make large purchases during the sales period.

Check for New Deals Often

In recent years, some of the major online retailers have realized the value of offering lightning deals throughout the day to spark more interest. Treat Cyber Monday as you would Black Friday by resting well the day before so that you can settle in for a day full of checking back in for the latest big deals.

Remember that some of the best deals drop early in the day and then again before midnight rolls around, so make this an all-day event.

This year, make Cyber Monday your best one ever by knowing how to shop like a pro. Whether you have your eye on a new laptop or can’t wait to stock up on holiday gifts for the family, these tips will help you maximize your budget by hitting all of the best deals.