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Retailers Advertise Early In Anticipation of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales for 2017

Published: October 10, 2017, 7:07 pm
early retailers advertising black friday cyber monday 2017

Due to the fact, that Cyber Monday and Black Friday’s popularity has grown many retailers are investing in advertising earlier. This is because many shoppers start shopping for the holidays early. Most retailers surveyed planned to spend more than last year on promotions and advertising. This is according to Retail Me Not a digital site connecting consumers with stores, restaurants and savings.

They found many consumers plan to begin shopping for the holidays before November 1. About 45% approximately and that is the reason many retailers have started to advertise early. They want to capitalize on the holiday sales. Many consumers shop multiple channels to find the best deals for the merchandise they are looking for. Often they use search engines, websites, email, newspapers, and recommendations from friends, and savings apps.

This season is expected to be like the last and start long before the holidays come. The actual holidays between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday will expand into two weeks of great deals for consumers. Cyber Monday is becoming as popular as Black Friday. About 56% of consumers plan to shop on Cyber Monday this year. With the holiday expanded into two weeks its not a one day focus any longer. Retailers now must learn the best ways to take advantage of the two week period.

Because there is an extra Saturday or shopping day before Christmas many retailers are using 1/4 of their promotional budget for last minute promotional deals. Retail Me Not estimates consumers plan to spend $743 between Black Friday November 24th to Cyber Monday November 27th.

Walmart early advertising black friday cyber monday

A major retailer like Walmart is expected to run an advertisement on November 9 long before Black Friday 2017. Their ad will detail their deals and sales plans. Walmart purchased Jet.com last year and this online site will help with their Black Friday sales. The app will help them compete with Amazon for sales this holiday. This year’s deals will focus on 4K TV’s, XBox’s , and Chromebooks to name a few. There should be deals on electronics, furniture, and housewares.

target early advertising black friday cyber monday

Another major retailer Target plans to release an ad on November 9. Its stores plans to be open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving day and the online store opens early offering online deals. One great deal in their ad is a 50 inch Hisense Smart TV for only $249 with a gift certificate for $40 when purchased. The store will have deals on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch 3, and XBox One.

Amazon early advertising black friday cyber monday

Amazon starts it sale online on November 1st ahead of the pack. It is know for turning the month of November into sales capitalizing on Black Friday. They want to break the Prime day record this year with Black Friday sales. This is the best time for consumers to save on electronics, video games, toys and gadgets at Amazon.

It is estimated that over 25% of sales will come from mobile phone, tablets and desktop users. Many customers purchase items from laptops or desktops because many stores do not provide an easy to use mobile shopping experiences. Consumer will buy electronics a popular category with Generation Z and even tweens. Items like instant cameras and 4 K televisions will be hot items.

Tech products and mobile devices sell well on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is because 1/3 of shoppers use mobile phones and conversions happen online. Many shoppers like to buy the products online and miss out on the long holiday lines. Mobile devices allow shoppers to research their purchases before they buy. This is another reason why tech products are popular with customers.

Many retailers are closed on Thanksgiving opening for sales on Black Friday. This has forced many people online to see a surge in buying after 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving. In November shoppers tend to look at bigger gifts until Cyber Monday. They want to get larger items before they sell out. New trends are being analyzed about omnishopping. This means customers who shop online and buy products in the store and those who look at it in the store but buy it online.

Overall retailers are investing in earlier promotions this year online and through traditional advertising to increase sales and profits.


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