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Just Say It! Target Teams Up With Google To Offer Voice Shopping

Published: October 13, 2017, 7:31 pm
target teams up with google offer voice shopping

If you live in New York or California, chances are you are already familiar with the latest technological brainchild of Target and Google. If not, such a service will be available to you by next year!

Among other things, the device Google Home can now shop for you! All you have to do is read your shopping list out loud to your Google Home device and it will place your order at Target. Your order will be ready for pick-up in as little as two hours or could be delivered to your home in a few days. What’s more, if you have Redcard, it will be available as a payment option on Google Express, allowing you both a 5 percent discount and free shipping.

According to Mike McNamara, Target’s chief information and digital officer,

“Target and Google teams are working on the next chapter, building experiences that digitally replicate the joy of shopping a Target store to discover stylish and affordable products,”

The application has room to grow, but for now is ideal for purchasing apparel, home and beauty supplies and dry goods. The more you use this, the easier it will become because the service will learn what quantities and brands you prefer.

Target and Google have combined forces to compete with on-line retail such as Amazon to give the shopper an experience that combines the convenience of on-line shopping with the personal touch of brick-and-mortar stores. As Google’s president of retail and shopping Daniel Alegre said “At Google, we are focused on continued innovation and making Google Express a platform to help retailers like Target offer consumers a high quality seamless, end-to-end shopping experience,” The solution was an elegant one. Google provided the speaker technology, Target provided the goods. It’s a match made in Cyber Heaven!

According to a blog post by Marc Lore, head of Wal-Mart’s U.S. e-commerce business,

“Next year, we will also leverage our 4,700 U.S. stores and our fulfillment network to create customer experiences that don’t currently exist within voice shopping anywhere else,”

Wal-Mart is already on the virtual shopping bandwagon and Target is ready for some friendly competition. As technology develops, businesses must of course adapt to better service the customer base. What’s next for the future of shopping? Only time will tell, if you pardon a pun.

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