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Have you ever bought something only to find out after some days you could have got it at a cheaper deal? How did it feel? From experience, I know it’s not a good feeling. We are here to make sure you get the best Cyber Monday deals and take advantage of other online offers on popular shopping days.

We are a team of editors and writers who love searching the online market for great deals and helpful information then share it with our readers. One thing that we all have in common is the passion for giving our readers the information and help they need when buying products.

Other than letting you know where to get the best deals and discounts, we go a step further to offer you helpful buying guides and tips. If you want to get a hold of upcoming Cyber Monday deals, or want guidance, we are here to help. Our experience is not limited to the current Cyber Monday trends, but we also cover other famous shopping days.

Apart from searching for the deals we also make sure they are authentic. You are assured that all the deals published here are real. We also compare what various outlets have to offer ensuring you get the best discounts.


Henry Christie
Lead Editor & Writer
Henry Christie is one of our lead editors at Huge Cyber Monday Deals. Henry specializes in retail trends and lifestyle subjects. He’s also obsessed with music, movies, chess and comics.
Mary Parsons
Lead Writer & Researcher
Mary has worked as a freelancer and has written research pages, press releases and other pieces for several popular tech & retail companies. She enjoys writing both as a hobby and as a career, and is always working on some kind of story.


Jacob Brady
Contributor Writer & Researcher
Jacob finds great pleasure in researching the absolute best deals for our readers. In his spare time, you can catch him watching Games of Thrones, playing on the guitar or attending a concert with his family and friends.


Stacy Littlejohn
Contributor Writer & Researcher
Stacy is a contributor, writer, research professional and social media connoisseur. On her spare time, Sarah enjoys volunteering at local homeless and animal shelters.


Sarah K
Staff Writer
Sarah is one of our original writers at Huge Cyber Monday Deals. She is a novice when it comes to researching shopping and retail trends.