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As we approach some of the biggest shopping days of the year, we’d like to take this time to introduce you to our awesome website. Whether you are one of our regular readers or new to the site, HugeCyberMondayDeals.com is the place to come for the greatest shopping deals.

We provide our readers with a wide variety of deals, coupons, and sales on Cyber Monday and more. You need not spend more than you need to if you’re privy to the specials that most businesses offer during Cyber Monday. Now, everyone likes to get a deal, including us. That’s why we need to inform our readers and visitors about affiliate sponsoring.

FTC rules and regulations

The Federal Trade Commission published guidelines to which bloggers and websites like ours must adhere. The bottom line is, if a website receives any payment or benefit from the companies they mention in their website, then the readers have a right to know that.

Promoting a product may take the form of offering specials, coupons, reviews, testimonials, affiliate links, or endorsements. Our website does offer phenomenal deals for our readers, so we must advise you about our advertisers.

Our Advertisers 

When you browse our website during the shopping season, you will notice we refer you to several places of business that offer fantastic deals you won’t find elsewhere. Some of these businesses are our advertisers.

This means that if you decide this special is great for your budget and you decide to purchase the item, we will receive a small compensation. It does not in any way change your bottom-dollar cost or our endorsement of the product. The compensation on our end simply helps defray costs so we can continue to deliver the best specials on the internet.

Who are our advertisers? Here is a partial list:

  • CJ (Conversant)
  • ShareAsale
  • Amazon
  • Adsense
  • Pepperjam
  • LinkShare

Guides to buying

In addition to offering you fabulous deals for Cyber Monday, we also provide you with honest assessments of electronics. Whether you are in the market to buy a new laptop or iPad, we bring you important information in the form of a buying guide.

We want you to find the best product to meet your needs as well as give you a discounted price on Cyber Monday. If you decide to purchase one of the products we review or list as a deal, we may receive a small commission. However, be advised that this does not affect our honest assessment of the products.

Search by store or category

For our readers’ convenience, we allow you to search specials at your favorite store or by product category. When you use our website, find the tabs at the top to help direct your shopping search in the most convenient way.

We are careful to list only products and stores in which we have confidence. If you purchase from a particular store or select a certain brand, we may receive compensation for the referral.


At HugeCyberMondayDeals.com, we are thrilled to find these spectacular savings for you. It makes shopping so much more enjoyable when you know you’re getting the best price available.

We search the internet diligently, comparing prices to make sure we are delivering a value for our readers. We take the exhaustive work out of your hands and make the task as simple as clicking on our website. Our goal is to make cyber Monday a truly profitable shopping experience for you.

If you require any more information or have any questions about our site’s disclaimer, please feel free to contact us through online form or by email at support@hugecybermondaydeals.com.