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Differences Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

Published: November 6, 2017, 4:47 pm


Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Many shoppers that enjoy shopping in find this an ideal day for bargains. When shoppers go to Black Friday sales they are there to spend. Consumers spend $200 per day. At Nerd Wallet Matthew Ong, a  senior retail analyst says this is a great day to get deals on electronics and computers. Another popular category on Black Friday with great savings is home goods.

The benefit of in store shopping is that you can see the products first hand. When your shopping for clothing or shoes you can try them on and see how they fit. When you want an item you can purchase it immediately or put it on layaway. You don’t have to worry about when it will be shipped or arrive by mail. Often the store have special sales that day that are not advertised only online or in flyers. Some store open later on Thanksgiving giving shoppers more time to shop for special deals.

Black Friday has online sales too in some store so this make it convenient for online and in store shoppers. Black Friday is known for door busters sales which is discounted prices on items for a limited period of time. This means when your shopping you may come across some great discounts.

Plan ahead and visit some of the websites of the you plan to shop to find the best deals on Black Friday. Make a list of specific products you want to buy and stick with a budget. A budget will keep yourself from overspending. Black Friday has expanded over the years. Many have more than one shopping day to give customers a chance to shop. Many shoppers use online and in-store visits on Black Friday.

What will be some good buys on Black Friday? According to CNET  iPhones, MacBooks, smart watches, LG 4k TVs, gaming PC’s and monitors, iMacs and Window PC’s will be hot this year.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is designed for those that like to shop online via a computer, laptop or mobile phone. You don’t have to wait in long lines to compete with other consumers for products. You still m have to compete but online. Shopping and ordering are faster and often retailers that participate provide more discounts on brands than specific products. When a retailer doesn’t sell a product that they ordered you will often find discounts on the item on Cyber Monday.

If you have to work you can still shop on your break, lunch, or even after work. This is the convenience of Cyber Monday for consumers. Another point is you can shop multiply retailers with leaving your house or place of work. You are still competing for products against local and national consumers. Cyber Monday will offer savings on android phones, laptops, data storage, travel, clothing, and beauty products.

This holiday represents the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It was created because of the growing use of the Internet by consumers. It is a change in how retailers do business around the holidays.  TechRadar predicts that on Cyber Monday the following products will be hot. They are iPhones, Apple Watch 3,  PS4 Pro, XBox 1 Pro, Nintendo Switch, cameras, laptops, and HDTVs.

Many people shop from work when they get a chance on a  break or lunch time. Many look at items while sitting at their computer or using their mobile phones. Most of the best deals online are posted early. It pays to be an early bird on Cyber Monday. For those that like clothing many retailers offer coupon and discounts on clothing and shoes during this day. Beauty products are another category to shop for on this day. Its estimated that over 156 million shopper will shop in 2017 on Cyber Monday.

Consumers  will spend about $3.81 million this year. Mobile sales are always up because many consumer per online shopping.  Mobile sales are expected to be about $1.24 billion this coming year.

Both holidays are popular and complete neck in neck with sales and discounts. About 51% of shoppers  shop on Black Friday and 52% on Cyber Monday. This shows that both are important shopping days to consumers.


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