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TV Deals

Cyber Monday TV Deals for 2013 is Officially Live

Cyber Monday’s TV deals for 2013 has finally begun! We have compiled a list of the top HDTVs that are on sale for the best online retailers. Take advantage of the discounts and quality televisions while supplies last! Stock is limited and will go quickly. Look through all the and choose the HDTV that is right for you!



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Best Buy

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Tiger Direct

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Older Update: Get ready for the best Cyber Monday TV deals & sales for 2013!  It’s already time to start scouring the web for the best Cyber Monday HDTV Deals.  This year, Cyber Monday is on December 2 and you won’t want to miss out on all the best online deals of the year!

For the past few years, we have been the #1 site to visit for all the updated deals during Cyber Monday and this year will be no exception. We specialize in hunting down the biggest sales and providing them to you. This year, we will be compiling a list of the latest and largest TV deals from the biggest department know such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and many more!

Looking for the best Cyber Monday 2013 TV Deals?


Just like last year, we will be seeing HUGE discounts on HDTVs this Cyber Monday from retailers like Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and more!  The trick to taking advantage of the best Cyber Monday deals is to be prepared!

Know what you want before shopping. Are you looking for an HDTV with the highest resolution and refresh rate? Or are you more concerned with the internet and 3D capabilities that it may carry?

To some it may not matter because all they’re looking for is a good bargain. However, for others, knowing whether it has a resolution of 1080p or a refresh rate of 120Hz may make all the difference whether they’ll purchase that TV or not.

Also, to be a savvy shopper, you must keep in mind your budget. You don’t want to go past your means then find yourself struggling to finish off that Christmas shopping list. This is one of the many reasons why we recommend for you to shop during Cyber Monday – you will have the biggest opportunity of the year to purchase the perfect HDTV for your home at the lowest price of the year!


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Check out Previous Cyber Monday TV Deals

Another way to prepare you for these great deals is to look through the sales of the previous year. Last year, Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy had the greatest TV deals during Cyber Monday.

Amazon offered deals such as 3D LED HDTVs for up to 60% off during Cyber Monday. They had the 46’ Samsung Slim HDTV at less than $800 – that was a savings of $400 off the regular retail price! They also offered the 55’ Samsung Slim HDTV for $1,100 – a total savings of $1,000 off the original retail price! Their TV sales were endless and unbeatable.

Walmart ran a very close second place with their awesome TV deals. They had offered a beautiful 55’ LG LED HDTV at $700 which was $100 less than the retail price. Consumers found the Walmart TV deals so irresistible that Walmart ran out of their most popular TVs due to low prices offered.

Best Buy is known for its electronics; so the TV deals were worth the wait. They had the 40’ Samsung 3D LED HDTV on sale for $500, saving you $350 off the retail price. They also had the huge 65’ Samsung LED HDTV for $1,500, a whopping savings of $800 off the original price! These are the types of sales that consumer wait all year for.

And these are just to name a few of the many great savings offered on HDTVs last year. After Black Friday, online retailers put their best stock online for swift sales on Cyber Monday.  It’s the best time of the year to upgrade from that old, worn out TV at home or get a gift for that very special someone on your holiday shopping list. Enjoy that beautiful HDTV in the New Year!

Predictions for Cyber Monday TV Deals 2013

This year, we’re predicting that the largest savings will be with the high definition systems. However, these deals won’t last! Retailers are slashing their prices to offer the best deals on Cyber Monday and move their inventory quickly; just make sure you are in-the-know. With our advice and predictions, you are sure to find the best deals before they sell out!

I know that the lines and crowds in the can be such a hassle during Black Friday (which they are every year!) With all of the research that we have done for you, we are confident in saying that you are better off waiting for the Cyber Monday TV deals and shopping from the comfort of your own home.

The best Cyber Monday HDTV deals only last for one day, making it the most popular shopping day of the year. Whether you’re looking to buy a new TV for a loved one or want to upgrade your home theater system, it’s best to wait until Cyber Monday 2013 for the best prices and selections of the year.

If you see a great deal, buy before it’s too late!  Stocks are limited and these deals won’t last long. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the best deals for Cyber Monday 2013!

Back to the our predictions, you shall see many off brands HDTVs on sale with price tags that you wouldn’t be able to resist. These deals are perfect for consumers who don’t necessarily care about brands, latest gadgets,etc but prefer a good picture and sound. Now for those do care about brand, 3D, Internet, Hz, etc. There will be many top notch brands of HDTVs on sale such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and many other TV  manufacturers.

While we will be listing nothing but the best TV deals during Cyber Monday and will be including the price & specs such as 3D ready, Internet, Hz, Resolution, etc. Making it much easier for you to choose the right HDTV. That is all for now.

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