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Best Cyber Monday Toy Deals 2014

Cyber Monday is here and it’s time to grant some children’s wishes. I believe that toys are the most bought items during the Christmas holidays. Most shoppers have children to please on their gifts list. So we did our best to find some great deals and this is what we found…

Amazon has a massive toy sale during Cyber Monday. Their list of toys on sale just goes on and on. They have all sorts of sales going on – way too many to list them all. They have up to 50% off on most of their toys and games. Other deals that they are offering are buy one, get one 50% off and buy one, get one free. They have toys and games for children of all ages. Check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday Toys section.

Another online retail that is great this time of year with their toy sale is Walmart. Walmart has a huge variety of toys for kids of all ages and sizes. From the prettiest princess to the toughest superhero, Walmart has it all. They also have a sale of up to 50% on items during Cyber Monday. Go to to see all toy deals for Cyber Monday and finish your holiday wishlist.

Lastly, Target is a great retailer for toys. They have all sorts of great toys from all brands for children of all ages. They are currently offering a great deal: buy one, get one 50% off from the same brand. That seems like a great money saver if I do say so myself. But you must hurry because I’m pretty sure that this deal won’t last.

Check out dedicated page for more great sales and details on their Cyber Monday toy sale.



Older Update: We know parents have it the hardest around Christmas. Who has time to shop everywhere for all the best toys at the best prices?  Luckily for you, we are already scouting the best Cyber Monday toy deals and sales this year to share with you for a very merry holiday season that won’t break the bank!

Big retailers like Target, Toys ‘r’ Us, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and more are ready to slash prices on all the toys on your kids’ Christmas lists.  After Black Friday, overstock means you’ll be seeing some of the steepest discounts on Cyber Monday.

Get Big Hugs Elmo, Furby Boom, Flutterbyes and more at big discounts on Cyber Monday. Don’t pay retail!  We’re also starting to see deals on higher-prices items like LeapFrog.  We’ll be watching big retailers non-stop to make sure you get the best deals this holiday season.

Don’t go crazy trying to hit all the big on Black Friday. Have some family time at home and then hit the online sales on Cyber Monday instead.  The prices are better and, we are your one-stop guide for getting all the best deals.

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