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Cyber Monday Shopping Tips for 2019

cyber monday shopping tips
Cyber Monday is an amazing kick-start for your holiday shopping and can be executed completely online from the comfort of your home. You can easily surf Cyber Monday Deals, wearing your pajamas and a warm fuzzy robe, if you choose!

Cyber Monday bargains will be absolutely unbelievable if you know which retailers to visit and what products will be priced below wholesale! Here are several tips to help you take advantage of Cyber Monday 2019.

Start Saving for the Cyber Monday Sales Event Now

To take full advantage of the many online Cyber Monday sale prices this season, start saving money as soon as possible. Saving money for this outrageous online sales event will allow you to achieve more ‘bang for your buck’ this holiday season by nabbing the hottest Cyber Monday deals.

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Track the Best Cyber Monday Deals Online

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Know the Shipping Policies and Costs before Cyber Monday

On Cyber Monday, many online retailers will be offering extremely low prices, many of which will be posted at below wholesale. To ensure that the purchases you make truly are exceptional bargains, familiarize yourself with favorite retailers’ shipping policies and special shipping offers.

Look for trusted online retailers which are offering free shipping incentives or small quotas to receive free shipping privileges first! Subscribe to our exclusive newsletter for a list of the best shipping offers and incentives offered by online retailers.

Compare Prices Before and During the Cyber Monday Sales Event

Before placing any orders for the Cyber Monday sales event, compare prices among trusted websites to ensure you’re getting the best deal. As you make your Cyber Monday shopping list, don’t trust your memory!

Make notes on the sidelines of your shopping list, noting special features, specs and manufacturer’s regular suggested prices for the items listed. Knowing regular and weekly sales prices will help you decide which Cyber Monday deals you can live without!

Take Notes/ Make a List

You should have clothing and shoe sizes jotted down for all members of your family to prevent having to return any merchandise.

If you are planning to take advantage of an HDTV, know your entertainment center measurements or (sitting distance and where the HDTV will be placed) so the television you choose will not be too small or large.

Set A Budget

Know the limitations of your Cyber Monday budget and stick to your shopping list to get the best deals. On Cyber Monday, you are going to see some amazingly low prices.

These outrageous deals can become a distraction to bargain hunters, and can possibly blow the budget by making too many impulsive purchases rather than the items you really need.

Look for Additional Ways to Save on Cyber Monday

Search for Coupon Codes

There are numerous websites dedicated to finding and posting current coupon codes for online shoppers. It is highly likely that you will find additional Cyber Monday savings, many of which will be valid for all of Cyber Week, such as free shipping, free merchandise, and even percentages off of your order.

The coupon codes you find should also be written on the sidelines of your shopping list, so you don’t forget during the excitement of claiming the best Cyber Monday deals online!

Consider taking advantage of retailers that Offer Reward Points

On Cyber Monday, choose trusted online retailers that offer point rewards such as JC Penney and K-Mart. You can also access your favorite retailers’ websites through a rewards site, helping you earn points or cash bonuses for your Cyber Monday purchases.

Print your purchase receipts to take advantage of great rebates from companies such as Walmart and Office Depot, among others. Some retailers, such as Target and CVS, may offer store specific coupons available online that must be entered during the checkout process.

These are just a few of the best Cyber Monday shopping tips to help you grab the best deals! Enjoy the euphoria of saving money while purchasing the hottest online sales of the year!