Cyber Monday PS3 & PS4 Deals 2016

Cyber Monday PS3 & PS4 Deals 2016


(Updated: November 28th, 2016) Cyber Monday PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 deals for 2016 are officially live!

PS3 & PS4 game consoles are one of the most popular and sought after items during the holiday season – be it for yourself, a loved one or a wish list gift.

Our team here have looked through a variety of online to give you the best PS3 & PS4 deals possible.

Before we jump to the deals, I want to point out as I did in previous post about in-stock demand. This seems to be an issue every year with specific retailers and we personally have no control over this problem.

As mention before, don’t sit too long on a deal especially on Cyber Monday. Discounted Game consoles goes within hours and consoles with incentives such as a Free $50, $100 Gift Cards or bundles goes within minutes. We will be updating this page daily throughout the day.

Here are the top retailers and their best PS3 & PS4 deals for Cyber Monday 2016


Every year, Amazon never let us down whether it’s their great prices, huge selection or their outstanding in-stock demand that makes Amazon one of the best online retailers during Cyber Monday.

Amazon is currently offering $50 off on the PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console – Uncharted 4 Bundle – Sale Price $249.00.

You can find a good selection of PS4 video games on sale over at Amazon. Check out all PS4 Consoles, Video Games & Bundles from Amazon Cyber Monday 2016 sale.

As far as PS3, Amazon is having a promotion on specific PS3 video games – up to 60% off. Amazon also have the PS3 game console discounted with many amazing bundle deals. View all PS3 deals including consoles, games and bundle deals from Amazon.


Walmart has a few PS4 bundles on sale for Cyber Monday 2016!

  • PlayStation 4 500GB Console Bundle with Call of Duty Black Ops III – $249.99 – Savings $70+
  • PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Uncharted 4 Bundle – $249.00 – Savings $50+

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has the PS4 Pro 1TB bundle with a Samsung 40″ 4K TV on sale for $649.99


Over at eBay, they have the PlayStation 4 Pro Console + Watch Dog 2+ Street Fighter on sale for $399.99 – Listing price $499.97.


GameStop have the PlayStation 4 Uncharted 4 500GB Bundle – $249.99. They are also many of their Xbox 360 & Xbox One refurbished & pre-owned game consoles.


Target have the Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 500GB Slim Bundle on sale for $249.99 – Savings $50


Kohls Cyber Monday sale is officially live! Kohls is offering 20% in-store and online with promo code and Free Shipping on purchases of $25 and more.

If you are a Yes2You Reward member with Kohls, you can earn one point for every dollar they spend, and receive a $5 reward for every 100 points.

Kohls has a wide selection of PS3 & PS4 video games on sale for Cyber Monday (Discounted).


Dell is offering the PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console – Uncharted 4 Bundle plus NBA 2K17 and a $25 Dell Gift Card for $279.99.

Older Updates: Last year’s Cyber Monday PS3 & PS4 deals were a big deal and are sure to draw even more interest this year.

Cyber Monday is one of the most important days of the year for great buys for merchandise including electronics and, more importantly, gaming systems.

More and more people are coming to love this day when it’s time for PS3 and PS4 hunting. It’s really hard to beat the deals compared to any other day of the year.

There aren’t any lines to stand in, snarled traffic or full parking lots. You also don’t have to go pushing to the back of a store only to discover that the PS3 or PS4 you were so ardently longing for is out of stock and is leaving the store in someone else’s arms.

Simply go online and shop for your PS3 or PS4. Some of the most frequented online retailers last year included Walmart, Gamestop and Amazon. As is expected this year, the bundle or package deals were a big hit, giving gamers more bang for their buck.

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Previous Cyber Monday PS3 & PS4 Deals

Let’s give you a breakdown of some of the most popular deals that big-name retailers offered to customers last year.


Walmart continues to offer some of the best deals on electronics to be found anywhere. All of last year’s PS4 offers were in bundles which were great if you liked bundles, otherwise, if you wanted the console only, you would have had to go elsewhere.

There were basically four main bundles offered and the prices were all around the 399-dollar mark for the PS4. Some of the bundles included the following games with consoles:

-Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of US

-Lego Batman 3:Beyond Gotham and LittleBigPlanet 3

-Choice of your game with the console (A 50-dollar e-gift card was included)

-Extra controller, your choice of game and a 50-dollar e-gift card ($439 after e-gift card subtracted)


Amazon had the most sales of any online retailer last year. Where Amazon really shined was that they sold the PS4 by itself. Very few retailers did that last year. Also, the amount of games, consoles and other game-related products in stock was superior to other retailers. There were PS4 and PS3 bundles available. There was also a significant mark down on PS3 games, even up to 70% off.


GameStop had stock and prices comparable to Walmart. Gift cards were offered by several retailers such as Best Buy or Target in relation to PS3 and PS4 deals but they sold out in a matter of minutes. Last year’s rundown gives you an idea of what to expect this year.

Our team will be listing the best Cyber Monday PS3 & PS4 deals for 2016 from a variety of trusted retailers. Stay tuned!