Cyber Monday Laptop Predictions for 2016

Cyber Monday Laptop Predictions for 2016

Cyber Monday 2016 Laptop Sales | What You Can Expect This November


We’ve seen laptop prices dropping throughout 2016, and consumers can expect them to dip even lower this Cyber Monday.

With prices as good as (and sometimes even better than) Black Friday’s, this November 28 is the perfect time to buy one of 2016’s best laptops.

While we won’t see retailer advertisements for a few weeks, we can still make some predictions based on both last year’s Cyber Monday deals and more recent online sales. Take a look at a few educated guesses of what may be waiting for you next month.

General Shopping Tips

Experts are predicting three major laptop discount categories this year:

  • Chromebooks for around $100. Last year’s Cyber Monday featured a ton of $95 Chromebooks, and it’s a safe bet they’ll be back this time around. These prices can’t get much lower, as they’re approach manufacturing costs.
  • Bargain laptop door-busters at about $125. Last year’s bargain door-busters at $150 were the norm. Just keep in mind that as a rule door-busters are limited, so plan your purchase out accordingly. Doing your homework is extra important when it comes to these machines, as they aren’t always the best quality.
  • Quality laptops as low as last year’s door-buster price of $300. At these prices, consumers can expect to find a laptop with an Intel Core i5 Broadwell processor, 4GB RAM, and a 500GB to 1TB hard drive. It also looks like i7 Skylake machines may hit $400. Like bargain door-busters, these will probably be in limited supply.

No matter the exact pricing, consumers should definitely keep the following guidelines in mind while browsing all Cyber Monday deals:

  • While you should snag especially appealing door-busters on Black Friday, save most of your shopping for Cyber Monday. This is especially important if you’re looking for a current-gen machine, since highly rated new laptops will likely be on sale at limited numbers as door-busters only on both days.
  • Retailers inflate the appearance of discounts by placing the original “market value” next to the sale price. These don’t reflect the actual everyday price and may not even be a bargain at all. This is frequently true for older model electronics, which drop dramatically as retailers make room for better, more in-demand products.
  • More and more online retailers are making Cyber “Monday” a week or more. Start scouting out websites in early November.
  • Get you Cyber Monday shopping done early in the day. While it may be tempting to “wait and see” if a better discount pops up before making your purchase, a majority of deals are posted during work hours. After all, Cyber Monday got its start from the spike in purchasing that happens when employees go back to work after the holidays, doing their shopping online rather than in person. Plus those especially juicy door-buster deals will be limited in number.
  • If you’re on the fence about getting a Chromebook, keep in mind that many will support Google Play within the next few months (and that some Chromebooks already do). If the roll-out happens before Thanksgiving, you can bet Chromebooks will be a huge marketing focus for retailers across the board. Just make sure you grab a machine that will actually support Google Play — older Chromebooks won’t be receiving this upgrade.

Retailer Specifics

Although nearly every online electronics retailer will be doing something for Cyber Monday, here’s what we can expect from some of the biggest names:


Amazon turned their sales event into a 10-day parade of deals, starting the Friday before Black Friday. They’re likely to heavily feature Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day, which may include a few laptops.

For Cyber Monday proper, you can expect to find new deals every five minutes. Plus, if you’re considering a tablet as an ultra-portable laptop alternative? This past July’s Prime Day offered Fire tablets at the rock-bottom price of $33.33.


Never a brand known for its bargains, It’s possible that Apple may boycott Black Friday like it did in 2015. While it’s more likely that we’ll see some sales on Cyber Monday, Apple Stores are in the habit of offering gift cards instead actually dropping their prices.

If you’re looking to buy a new MacBook and don’t have a second Apple purchase in mind, you’ll be better off looking to re-sellers for deals.

Dell Home

Last year, Dell Home had more deals on CNET editor choice picks than any other website, albeit only for their own branded machines.

While this sounds limiting, keep in mind that Dell makes everything from ultra-light Chromebooks to beefy gaming laptops. Last year’s sales knocked hundreds of dollars off a wide variety of machines.


Despite focusing more on everyday items and less on consumer electronics, Target is nonetheless a go-to for laptop sales. Last year featured a ton of specific Cyber Monday sales, but the gift card incentives and 15% off website wide (with promo code) was probably their best deal.


Newegg is likely to continue its “Black November” tradition with new deals every day. While most of the best bargains will likely be found among computer components and monitors, past years have also featured some good laptop deals.

And if you end up buying elsewhere? Still consider stopping by Newegg for a few accessories for your new machine — cheap external hard drives are almost certain.

While retailers tend to keep their best Cyber Monday deals under wraps until just before the event, we should start seeing more leaks within the next few weeks.

In the mean time, keep these predictions in mind while planning your shopping budget. Make sure to bookmark our site or sign up to email alert for live coverage and the best Cyber Monday laptop deals for 2016.


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