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Cyber Monday Categories with the Best Discounts for 2015



Cyber Monday is a big online shopping day for many people in the United States. It has become so big that many people are completely overlooking Black Friday and focusing on Cyber Monday. There are several benefits to this including the categories of products with discounts, the ease of buying online, and of course, more sleep than if you were to shop on Black Friday.

With all of these benefits, what can you expect to find discounts on during Cyber Monday? As of right now, there are no official sales listed, although, they will be posted before Cyber Monday begins, so all we can do is speculate. Here are the categories we believe will have the best discounts this year on Cyber Monday.

  • Electronics. There are always new things coming to the market and this year was no exception. That being said, you can always expect some great deals on various technology products. Of this broad category, we specifically expect discounts on TV’s (4D and Curve designs), video game consoles, video games, computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other various toys. Tech is the biggest category to watch out for this year. If you have been planning a big electronics purchase, this will be the day to find and buy it!
  • Children’s Toys. Every year, parents flock to bog stores for the best and newest toys for their child(ren). Cyber Monday is no different and this is the best time to get all of the toys you have been eyeing for the child in your life.
  • Travel. This is a category that many people do not always think about during the holiday season but what makes a better gift than a trip? You can find amazing hotel deals on Cyber Monday as well as discounted vacation packages and airfare.

Cyber Monday this year is November 30,2015 – make sure to bookmark our site and/or sign up to email alert for up to minute coverage for Cyber Monday.