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Is Cyber Monday becoming a thing of the past?

Published: November 19, 2017, 10:08 am
Is Cyber Monday becoming a thing of the past

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means people are planning their holiday meals and what stores they plan on hitting later that night hoping to score some incredible Black Friday deals.

Years ago people shopped Black Friday roughly around the same time — midnight. Recently stores began opening at 5 pm, others at 6 pm and the rest around 9 pm. This year it’s even earlier, making it even more difficult for people to score doorbuster deals, which happens during the first 2-4 hours of the store opening. If they can’t take advantage of the good deals why shop on Friday?

  • Younger crowd are done with Black Friday shopping
  • 75% of people 13-35 shop the week after Black Friday
  • 35% of people who shop the week of Thanksgiving will shop on Black Friday

Holiday Shopping On Cyber Monday

According to reports, Cyber Monday brought in $3.45 billion in sales last year, up 12 percent from the previous year. In fact, it was the biggest Cyber Monday sales in history and passed Black Friday sales by $100 million. These sales are record highs even though there were fewer ads and “doorbuster” deals. What also helped boost sales last year was mobile shopping.

  • 47% of online hits were done via mobile phones.
  • 31% of sales happened via mobile phones.

With that said, is Cyber Monday shopping still popular or are people choosing to do their shopping throughout the year online?

Online Shopping Throughout The Year

In a survey, 64 percent of people said they prefer to do their holiday shopping online throughout the year. Places like Amazon are always offering amazing deals, and with Amazon Prime, you’re getting the best deals on shipping and products. You also got eBates, a popular website that offers various cashback deals when you shop online. Throughout the year they offer eight to 10 percent cash back for a large variety of stores. This cash back offer is on top of the deals stores are offering.

Another popular online shopping day is the second Monday of December, known as Green Monday, which has shown record highs for online sales for that month, according to reports.

Because stores offer a lot of great deals, discounts, and sales throughout the year, Cyber Monday has that to compete with. Why shop on Cyber Monday when you can order things throughout the year at potentially better deals and have everything done early? Not to mention ordering on Cyber Monday could cause a delay in shipping since mail is often slower during the holiday season.

It’ll be interesting to see this year’s Cyber Monday sales. Throughout the year stores offer amazing deals online, and people sometimes grab holiday gifts then. Even though Cyber Monday is still the most popular option.

When do you prefer to do your holiday shopping? Do you shop online or in stores?


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