Cyber Monday 2013 Prediction – Best Sales & Deals

Cyber Monday Deals Predictions for 2013

Everyone is anticipating the Cyber Monday deals for 2013 and just can’t wait to get their hands on all the latest gadgets and gizmos. But what exactly is going to be on sale? Which items or brands are going to be the biggest bang for my buck? Well, skimming through last year’s sales and jotting down the most popular deals and retailers will give you a general idea of what to expect for this year’s Cyber Monday sales.

You must note all of the most sought-after items during last year’s Cyber Monday and keep in mind all of the new devices that have been released since then. For example, last year, Walmart had some great bundled deals on their game systems such as the Wii, Xbox, PS3 and more. However, since then, Nintendo has released a new addition to the Wii system, which is the Wii U. Microsoft has just released their new upgrade from the Xbox 360, called Xbox One. Sony has also released its new upgrade, PS4. Keeping this in mind will give you an insight on what items might have a bigger discount and may be available at lower prices than last year.

I predict that TVs, laptops, tablets, game systems, and jewelry will be the hottest top 5 picks for consumers this year. Last year, these items were the top 5 most sought-after items, amongst a million more, by consumers. And considering the new devices that have been released this year, I’m guessing that at least one of these items is on your list too.

We can’t forget the fact that Christmas is a time for family – and kids! So toys are also very popular during this time of year. Keep your eyes peeled during Cyber Monday sales for toys because it will go fast. Toys have a tendency to sell out quickly if the prices are unbeatable.

As far as retail go, the competition is getting pretty hectic this year. The retailers are releasing their sales earlier and it seems as though their all trying to out-price each other. In my opinion, they all may have something great to offer depending on what you are looking for.

Amazon, Walmart and Target are huge department that have a huge variety of items to choose from; not to mention that their deals and discounts during Cyber Monday are out of this world. These three department are usually the top picks for consumers during Cyber Monday. If clothes and shoes is what you are looking for, then a department store like JCP, Kohl’s or Macy’s may be the place for you. Best Buy and Tiger Direct are well known for their electronics; so you know that they will price their items accordingly.

The possibilities are endless but the sales aren’t. Don’t forget that Cyber Monday is on December 2nd and it only last for one day. The sales are big but the items are limited. I suggest that you begin by setting a budget for yourself. Try not to go past your spending limit during Cyber Monday. I know how easy it may be sometimes to just spend the money when all you see are numbers on a screen. Secondly is write a list; jot down everything that you NEED to get, then everything that you WANT to get during this shopping day. Prioritizing your shopping list helps keep you in perspective as to what’s more important.

Well, these are my own, personal suggestions as to what’s to come for this year’s Cyber Monday sales. You, ultimately, use your better judgment and choose what you feel is right for you. Happy Holidays and happy shopping! Don’t forget to sign up to our exclusive email alert or bookmrk our website for the best Cyber Monday deals for 2013.