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Buy a Coat, Give a Coat: Macy’s Campaign for the Holidays

Published: October 23, 2017, 11:59 pm
macys buy a coat give a coat 2017

Top brands everywhere are kicking off the holiday season with a bit of Christmas giving and Macy’s is no different. Joining in on the spirit of giving which is so prevalent during the holidays, Macy’s announced it’s holiday campaign of love. Entitled, “Buy a Coat & We’ll Donate One,” Macy’s is working together with Clothes4Souls to make winter a bit warmer for some special people.

The campaign marks the start of the cold weather season and the beginning of when many start wandering into stores to spy out Christmas gifts. From October 24th to October 29th if you purchase a coat in any department including men’s, women’s, junior’s, and children’s, then Macy’s will also give one coat to the Clothes4Souls. The coat donation will be up to 35,000 coats.

To inspire customers to get in on the action, Macy’s is offering a discount of 40 – 50% off many of the coats during the campaign. Parents may find this a useful time to look for a coat for children who have outgrown their coat from last year. At the same time, customers will be glad that they have participated in the effort as well.

Macy’s vice president of marketing, Holly Thomas said,

“With the help of our customers, we’re aiming to deliver another 35,000 new coats to the men, women, and children who need them most this upcoming winter season. The impact of this program has been remarkable, and we are proud to invite our customers to join us once again in giving to this important cause.”

Clothes4Souls works in conjunction with Sole4Souls and is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to work to reduce poverty by delivering clothing items to homeless shelters, the needy, after-school programs, and relief and disaster programs. Clothes4Souls works with many different corporations to achieve its goal to help clothe the less fortunate.

Buddy Teaster, president and CEO of Clothes4Souls said, “We are always so excited for this time of year. The opportunity to work with Macy’s, its vendors, and dozens of agencies around the country to distribute 35,000 brand-new, high quality coats to men women and children, creates real value for those in need. Thank you, Macy’s, for five years of partnership and helping 165,000 people here in the U.S.”


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