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Big Changes for Kroger Coming Soon Near You

Published: October 22, 2017, 4:26 pm
kroger big changes coming soon

Kroger may be selling most of its convenience stores, but it’s far from being out of the grocery game. As Rodney McMullen, chairman and CEO of Kroger stated

“If you are eating, we want to serve you.”

Last February, Kroger made some unpopular changes by discontinuing its double coupon policy and senior discount days. Now, they’re making up for it by making things easier for the consumer. Like other retailers, they’re getting into technology providing services like ClickList and “Scan, Bag and Go”.

clicklist kroger 2017 order

ClickList gives the consumer the ability to order their groceries on line and have them ready to go when they get to the store. Scan Bag and Go provides consumers with wireless handheld scanners that allow them to get check out over and done with while still in the aisles. This application, of course, is only compatible with credit and debit card transactions. Should you choose to use traditional check-out anyway, Kroger will still find a modern way to speed things up.

Infrared scanning (called Q Vision) will determine how many shoppers are in a store at a given time, calculate the staff needed and the managers will act accordingly. The average checkout wait of four minutes is reduced to 30 seconds.

There will also be a remodeling of shelves, offering a wider variety of products plus valuable consumer information. People who prefer natural organic foods will be pleased to know that this means an expansion of the food selection to the point that it is dispersed throughout the store rather than one or two specialized aisles.

“Natural foods is going to be set throughout the store,” stated Kroger manager Marie Otto. “That is going to allow for us to expand on our natural food section now but also as demand changes it allows us to be more flexible in a long term way,” On the whole, Kroger is expanding in order to stay current and keeping abreast of the modern grocery consumer.


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