Best Cyber Monday Deals 2013: Are You Ready?

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Everyone is looking for the best Cyber Monday deals for 2013. Am I right? However, you may be asking yourself “where do I find these deals?” or perhaps “when will the deals be available?” and so on.  These questions can be quite confusing due to the competition of retailers. Every year, retailers change things up when it comes to the availability of the items and the actual deals themselves.

I guess retailers really want to monetize the Cyber Monday sales to the fullest. That is why you are starting to see Pre-Cyber Monday deals, or daily deal websites, listing Cyber Monday deals that are not actually “Cyber Monday” deals but just random deals that they found online and so forth.

Are Pre-Cyber Monday deals the same as the actual Cyber Monday deals and will I be getting the same bang for my buck?  I have to say, my team and I have been listing Cyber Monday deals for the past few years and we have never seen Pre-Cyber Monday Deals until this year.

That is because more and more consumers are starting to know about Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is becoming just as popular as Black Friday. Retailers have begun to notice this and, like I said previously, just want to monetize on the Cyber Monday sales.

We have checked out some of these Pre-Cyber Monday deals and they are actually quite good. If you are searching for something specific and see it on sale during the Pre-Cyber Monday sales, take advantage of the opportunity.  However, I personally recommend waiting until the actual Cyber Monday sale to get here before jumping on board.

Now, from past experiences, Cyber Monday deals always take place the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day.  This year’s Cyber Monday is on December 2, 2013.

This is the day where many retailers will have most of their items on sale such as TVs, laptops, tablets, furniture, iPads, clothing, and much more. For the past few years, some retailers had listed their Cyber Monday deals a day before Cyber Monday. However, Cyber Monday deals are usually available at 12:00 midnight on the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

What exactly is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is basically the online version of Black Friday. The term “Cyber Monday” was created by a group of marketing experts to persuade more consumers to shop online.  Cyber Monday made its first headline in 1995 on a press release by  Until this day, Cyber Monday is the biggest and busiest online shopping day of the year.

Where can I find the best Cyber Monday deals for 2013?

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Retailers – Hot deals that are available now


1. –  Variety – Great deals going on all week.

2. Walmart – Huge selection w/ huge mark down



3.  Best Buy –  Sales on many popular electronics



4. Kohls – 10% – 40% off sale on many popular items