Are After Christmas Sales Underrated?


The After-Christmas Sales 2013 are Underrated!

“Underrated” is a bold statement! This is due to the fact that the After Christmas Sales are not publicized or spoken of as often as it should.

The After Christmas Sales are not publicized enough due to many reasons; one is because this particular sale is not heavily advertised as other popular sales.

Secondly, many buyers flock to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales because they believe that the prices are the most heavily discounted out of the year.

Thirdly, most consumers do not bother to shop after Christmas because they have already finished purchasing everything off their holiday shopping list.

Fourth, some consumers believe that the items that will be on sale after Christmas are only the older models, brands or left over stock that no one else wants.

Well, truth be told, it’s not the truth. To be completely honest, about 75% of the items that retailers have on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday are indeed the older models, off-brands and excess stock. That is one of the reasons why they can offer deep discounts during these sales.

On the other hand, the reason why the after Christmas sale is not heavily advertised is because retailers just don’t want too many consumers to know about the sale.  Why? Simple, because if consumers were aware that after Christmas Sales are actually better than any other sale of the year, retailers will have less buyers/shoppers during their most advertised sales. This will cause retailers to not be able to meet their quarterly earnings.

I’m not taking anything away from Cyber Monday & Black Friday sale because there are some great deals and bargains. I’m just saying that the After Christmas Sale just has better overall deals and sales.

There will be a new trend when it comes to the After Christmas Sales. Retailers will soon toss the After Christmas Sale out the window and start offering After Christmas Sales BEFORE Christmas, in which I have personally seen happen with several retailers during the last year.  I guess instead of calling it “After Christmas Sales”, it may be called “Pre-Christmas deals” or whatever new marketing term that they will come out with.

Now, this won’t be a bad idea because consumers have a chance to take advantage of these deals and bargains right before Christmas.  I can definitely say that there will be several well-known retailers that will be starting their After Christmas Sales 2013 early. So make sure to check out our 2013 After Christmas Sales page, where we will be frequently updating our sales. Or simply subscribe to our email alert. We will keep you posted!