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Cyber Monday 2019: 5 Popular Deals Expected To See Huge Discounts

Published: October 31, 2019, 4:22 am

Cyber Monday 2019 is a little over a month away and experts are predicting that this will be the biggest Cyber Monday sale to date. Retailers are already preparing to showcase some of their best Cyber Monday deals in upcoming ad scans and press releases.

Image Credit: Adobe

According to Adobe Retail Shopping Insights, the screenshot to the right shows the top 5 selling products during last year’s Cyber Monday sale.

They were Fingerlings, L.O.L Surprise (these are collectible mini baby dolls with attitude and fun surprises to discover), Nintendo Switch, Laptops and LG TVs.

What will be the 5 most popular item(s) to be on sale for Cyber Monday 2019? We are not just predicting 5 popular deals but predicting 5 popular deals likely to see huge discounts during this year’s Cyber Monday sale.

1. TVs

10-31-19 airpods

TVs are always one of the most popular items to buy during Cyber Monday. You can expect a wide selection of retailers offering huge discounts on a variety of TVs from different brands in different sizes with all types of features such as 3D, Smart TV and 4K.

Although a few retailers such as Best Buy, eBay and Sam’s Club had a very small selection of OLED TVs on sale during last year’s Cyber Monday sale. Expect more stores to joined in by offering more Cyber Monday OLED TV deals with better discounts.

I can see how Adobe had LG TVs as one of the top 5 selling products for Cyber Monday 2018. According to our Cyber Monday TV deals listing page (here) – LG had the majority of TV deals follow by Vizio, Samsung and others.

2. AirPods

10-31-19 airpods

I am predicting that Apple AirPods 2 will not only be popular during Cyber Monday 2019 but highly discounted. Since the release of the AirPods 2 on March 20th, 2019, there seem to be discounts popping up every other day.

***AirPods 2 with a standard charging case normally retail for $159 and the AirPods 2 with the wireless charging case goes for $199.

Discounts have been ranging from $15 up to $40 depending on whether you choose a standard or wireless charging case.

With the newly release of the AirPod Pro, expect even bigger discounts on the AirPods 2 for Cyber Monday 2019. You may even find a few sales on the new Apple AirPods Pro and it will most likely be on Black Friday but don’t get your hopes up just in case.

3. Game Consoles (PS4, Xbox One S & Xbox One X)

10-31-19 Ps4 pro, xbox one x and xbox one s

Game consoles are always popular among consumers during the holidays. They usually go out-of-stock rather quickly on the day of Cyber Monday based on my several years of researching and listing Cyber Monday deals.

The PS4 Pro will be a standout during Cyber Monday 2019. You can expect discounts ranging from $40 to $100. Retailers will be offering bundle deals, gift cards and discounts on PS4 games and accessories. Also be on the lookout for the PlayStation Plus subscription sale.

Google Express (now Google Shopping) had a 20% off promotion on the PS4 Pro game console during Cyber Monday 2018 but it literally went out-of-stock within hours. Definitely keep Google Shopping on your radar for this year’s Cyber Monday sale if you’re looking score a good PS4 Pro deal.

Next, is the Microsoft Xbox One S and the Xbox One X game console. These two game consoles will be a major hit with consumers as it was last year.

GameStop, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco and Amazon will be the top retailers to go to during Cyber Monday 2019 for the Xbox One S and X game consoles. Target is a retailer that is always offering $50-$100 gift cards on select Xbox game consoles but you may need to stay glue to your computer screen or cellphone when their sale goes live because these deals go out-of-stock within minutes.

4. Nintendo Switch

10-31-19 Nintendo Switch

Based on Adobe retail shopping insights, Nintendo Switch was the third best selling item during Cyber Monday 2018. I believe this will be the case again this year, maybe not third but definitely one of the best selling items.

Nintendo usually don’t discount their products during Cyber Monday, but you will find a few retailers offering sales.

We are predicting more retailers to joined in and offer Nintendo Switch deals for Cyber Monday 2019 in a form of a dollar amount discount but most likely it will be a gift card.

GameStop will be one of the few retailers to offer discounts on the Nintendo Switch as they did last year.

At Amazon, you can expect to see the Nintendo Switch game console in-stock all day long and you can find a variety of Switch games and accessories on sale.

Walmart surprise us, not on Cyber Monday but two weeks after the sale. They had several Switch games discounted which included Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda and Splatoon 2 for $45 each with free shipping, savings of $13.88 – $14.88.

I don’t necessarily see Walmart offering any Nintendo Switch console deals for Cyber Monday 2019 but I am predicting to see Switch games highly discounted.

5. Laptops


Laptops will be hugely discounted during this year’s Cyber Monday. Laptops are also popular with customers due to the wide selection and discounts. Amazon, Walmart, Office Depot, Best Buy, Staples and B&H will most likely be the top retailers to check out for Cyber Monday laptop deals for 2019.

For MacBook lovers, Amazon, Best Buy, eBay and B&H will be your go to retailers. Apple.com was giving shoppers a $200 gift card on select MacBooks, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Since, Apple.com rarely discount their products, I personally don’t see them offering any deals on their MacBooks that will be worth-wide during Cyber Monday 2019.

Our team will be listing the best Cyber Monday deals for 2019 from a wide selection of stores soon. Make sure to check out these deals by categories here. Follow us on Facebook and sign up to our email alert for live coverage of Cyber Monday 2019!

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