Amazon Prime Day 2020 Expected to Surpass Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Expected to Surpass Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Prime Day 2020 is coming up quickly and many industry analysts and experts believe that this is going to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Since last year, Prime Day has been the top shopping day of the year for Amazon as a whole, even surpassing many of the Amazon sales that took place during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This year, Prime Day could be the biggest shopping day of the year not only for Amazon but in the entirety of the United States. Some of the stats from last year include:

  • In 2019, Amazon sold more than 175 million items in 48 hours
  • The top sellers on Prime Day included the LifeStray Personal Water Filter, 23andMe DNA Kits, and Instant Pots
  • A record number of Prime members took advantage of Prime Day sales last year

This year, Prime Day is poised to be an even bigger deal for one big reason.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Make Prime Day Even Bigger This Year

According to a recent survey that was conducted by RetailMeNot, shoppers are purchasing more products and services online than ever before. Even before the pandemic, eCommerce and online sales were poised to pass sales coming from brick and mortar . The COVID-19 pandemic has simply escalated this trend.

In addition, there are many people who are going to be reluctant to go out to take advantage of the traditional Black Friday sales. The images of crowded people busting into typical retail outlets to take advantage of doorbuster sales is not going to be safe. Many retail might not even have these traditional midnight flash sales, so this is going to further push people to shop online.

With this in mind, it is clear that the second Tuesday in October is going to be a tremendous shopping day. According to the CEO and Founder of, Larmore Smith,

“This is going to be the new ‘Pandemic Tuesday’ also known as ‘PandTuesday’! Prime Day 2020 which is the second Tuesday of October this year, will be the biggest online shopping day of the year period surpassing sales of giants such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday.”

A Halo Effect on Retailers

In addition, major retailers have already seen the major success that Amazon has had with its Prime Day deals. As a result, numerous traditional retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Target announced that they are going to run competition sales to the traditional Amazon Prime Day in something called a halo effect.

With this in mind, these big box are likely to have some deals as well. Therefore, shoppers should be sure that they take the time to check out the competition. Even if there is a great deal on that flat-screen TV, there could be a better deal from one of these outlets, which still provides an online shopping and delivery service.

The Top Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Clearly, there are countless shoppers who are gearing up for Prime Day again this year as they get ready to take advantage of some of the biggest deals. Some of the top deals to note on Prime Day this year include:

  • Check for the biggest discounts on Amazon’s own line of products
  • Technology products tend to have major discounts
  • Do not forget to check out Amazon subscription services as well as Whole Foods for large savings

Given that Black Friday is likely to fall short of prior years, some shoppers may complete all of their holiday shopping on Prime Day this year.




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