Cyber Monday Kindle Deals 2016

Cyber Monday Kindle Deals 2016


cyber-monday-kindle-deals-2016-salesTablets are a hot item again this year! Convenient and versatile, these hand-held devices occupy and entertain the minds of young and old alike.

Online retailers will definitely be offering some super Cyber Monday Kindle Deals 2016 on the whole family of Kindle products.

Amazon is now advertising the “All-New” Kindle that is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than previous versions of the electronic book reader.

With a battery that can go weeks without charging and a screen that never blinds you in sunlight, it won’t surprise anyone if this is the hottest tablet selling out for Cyber Monday 2016. Of course, you’ll want to look for deals on the Kindle for Kids, the Kindle Voyage, and even the new Kindle Oasis.

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This year’s Kindle Cyber Monday discounts will likely offer the steepest price cuts on the standard Kindle, which has been the pattern in previous years.

As many parents are now shopping for Kindle for Kids Bundle deals, you can expect to see an impressive discount on that model as well. Amazon often offers discounts on popular eBooks as well, so consider enhancing your Kindle gift by loading it with content before you wrap it up.

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Today's Deals

Are you too anxious to wait for the Cyber Monday 2016? Amazon sometimes includes select models in their Daily Deals discount program, and there are some brick and mortar stores that may offer discounts today or in the near future.

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Popular Stores

Amazon will be your go-to website for Kindle Cyber Monday deals. However, other stores like eBay, Best Buy, Target, and Staples often offer deals on the most popular Kindle models.

Top Kindle Retailers

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Previous Cyber Monday Kindle Deals

Highlights from Last Year’s Cyber Monday Sale

For last year’s Cyber Monday sale, Amazon knocked $30 off the full retail price of the Kindle as well as the Kindle for Kids Bundle and the Kindle Fire HD. Kindle Paperwhite received a $20 discount.

The online retail giant left fans frowning by not discounting the most popular model – the Kindle Voyage. Will they offer a Kindle Voyage Cyber Monday Deal for 2016? It’s possible, since the new Kindle Oasis is now on the market. Keep watching our email alerts to see which models will get the price cuts this year.

Amazon also reduced the price of their Amazon Unlimited program by up to 40%. The deal required buyers to pay for at least six months of service upfront rather than signing up with the standard month-by-month payment plan. The most substantial discount was for 24 months of service. This deal was a big hit, so look for it to return in 2016.

Amazon kindle deals from last year’s Cyber Monday sale.

  • $30 off Kindle $79.99 – Sales Price $49.99!
  • $30 off Kindle for Kids Bundle $99.99 – Sales Price $69.99!
  • $20 off Kindle Paperwhite $119.99 – Sales Price $99.99!
  • $30 off Fire HD 6 $99.99 – Sales Price $69.99!
  • $15 off All-New Fire Kids Edition $99.99 – Sales Price $84.99

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